Wealth Team Workshop in Bangalore

Basic of stock market

  • The stock market is made up of exchanges, like nse, bse.
  • Stocks are listed on a specific exchange, which brings buyers and sellers together and acts as a market for the shares of those stocks.
  • How the indices are related to stocks.
  • Advantages of Investing in stocks.

Accelerate your growth of investment with trading

In stock market usually most of peoples are investing and wait for Long term like heromotoco stock price was 265/share in 2003 Jan after 15yrs, In 2018 Jan 3800/share 1400% returns has given, Rcom stock was March 2006 @ 307/share after 12yrs in 2018 march @ 28/share Return -85% return, but traders are booked huge profit in Nov 2007 stock traded @ 785/share return of 255%.

Investment and trading strategy

In the stock market all the stocks are not giving good Returns in the term of long period because every company have up and down, Mean time if you know how utilize that up and down through trade in time to time then your wealth will grow abundance.

Long term and short term position trading

Fundamental and technical analysis gives you more confident to hold position for long and short term with strategy to create wealth.

Risk management

In every business is calculated risk are common, this session help you how to apply in stock market, by the entry and exit level with Stopo loss.

Benfeits Of Workshop

  • Life time support
  • Live technical support for trade
  • Unlimited revision class
  • Live session
  • How to take decision in live market
  • Trading software handling classes
  • Group or 1 on 1 doubts clarification
  • Report service
  • You will get confidence of independent decision making in stock market

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