Stock Market Training for Beginners

Three Full days Classroom Training + 30 Days Work From Home Online Activity

Day 1 – Saturday

Learn the basics and fundamental concepts of stock trading and analysis

Day 2 – Sunday

Learn the tools and techniques to identify the stock market direction

Day 3 – Monday

See things in Action, Experience the live market to gain confidence

30 Days – Online Activity

Get day to day instruction and Support to practice at home to get started


This program can give you a necessary knowledge to start trading independently.

Topic Covered

Basics of markets and trading, futures & options, technical analysis in detail


Anyone who joins our program with interest to trade in markets will be confident on day 3.


Get day to day instruction and Support to practice at home to get started

Stock Market Course Content

Our Training Program is structured by understanding the requirement of beginners in mind. We essentially start from basics, however at the end of our session you will be gaining confidence to trade in stock market independently.

(Day 1 – First Part) Basics of Stock Market and Trading

During the first day we will be covering the basics of stock market, as we know most of you know nothing about stock markets, and how trading is done.

  1. We will provide you with an introduction about stock market, trading, and investments.
    • You will be given knowledge about trading terminologies such as IPO, Index (Nifty, Sensex), Corporate Action (Bonus, Dividend, etc), etc
    • Get the facts, and break the myths about various markets related terms.
  2. We will help you understand trading framework, and how do you buy and sell shares.
    • We will help you understand the secondary market, and how online trade mechanism works.
    • And familiarize you with trading terms, long, short, long unwinding and short covering.

(Day 1 – Second Part) Road Map to a Successful Stock Trading

Here our basic objective is to help you build confidence, so you can start making money online. This session will focus on “how to make money”.

  1. Here we will share with you a case study that will talk about stock trading being a Business or Gambling.
  2. Then we will help you understand the risks and rewards potentials.
    • Where we will discuss the relevance and importance of knowledge, consistency, and discipline.
  3. Then we will move towards basic analysis.
    • Discussion on fundamental news, role of media and its impacts in markets
    • You will learn about the two types of analysis, and their approach to understand the market direction.
    • Pro and cons of fundamental and technical Analysis
    • Then you will learn the essentials of charts and its types line, bar and candlestick

(Day 2 – First Part) Understanding the Art of Technical Analysis

In the first half of day 2, we will help you understand the various analysis concepts, which will help you follow the market trend. We will explain this with sound logic, and with real times examples with the help of charts.

  1. You will be taught dow theory – which aims to understand the demand and supply.
  2. You will learn about price patterns – To derive the characteristic of demand and supply.
    • Double Top and Bottom,
    • Head and Shoulder,
    • Cup, Flag and Triangle
  3. Then we will move towards the candlestick analysis – To identify the short trend reversal.
    • Engulfing, Piercing, Doji and Hammer
  4. We will familiarize you with gap analysis – Indicates the strength of the existing trend.
    • Area Gap, Breakout Gap, Runaway Gap and Exhaustion Gap
  5. Technical indicators
    • Moving Average and RSI

(Day 2 – Second Part) Developing Strategies for Effective Trade Executions

Once you have a clear understanding of price analysis, you need to learn about the instruments that can be used to maximize profits and minimize loss.

  1. You will get an intro to derivative instruments.
  2. Trading instruments, and how you can use them to your advantage.
    • Equity
    • Futures
    • Options
  3. You will learn about option payoff calculations and its strategies.
    • The art of choosing an appropriate strike price.
    • Learn how to develop a trade plan with the combination of instruments for various price expectations ( Neutral, Bullish, Bearish)
    • You will learn the importance of time and volatility factors in trading options.
  4. You will be made familiar with application of analysis using trading instrument.
    • Here you can find ways to reduce risk and increase returns.

(Day 3) Live market Session

On day 3, it is time to take your skills to the online market. Here we will help you overcome the practical difficulties, and to help you place all that you have learnt into practice. A live market session will help bring clarity, and you will be able to understand all the concepts much better.

  1. On day three you will be decoding the stock market information tools and trading screen
  2. Learn about intraday analysis
    • Learn about Stock Selection Methods – with the Top Down Approach
    • Learn about intraday charts and its importance
    • Learn how to develop a trade plan
  3. You will practice technical analysis
    • Learn about positional analysis
    • Identifying the appropriate trading instruments (F&o) to optimize risk adjusted returns
  4. We will discuss the Do’s and Don’t, opportunities and traps in stock trading business.
  5. And explain to you other necessary recommendations to help you get started with stock trading.

30 Days Work From Home Online Activity

Once you have completed your classroom training session, you will be give work complete at home. These short tasks will help you practice the skills we have taught you, so they are fixed in your brain.

  1. First 10 days module – This Aims to recollect the concepts discussed at the workshop
    • It helps you to revisit the concept
    • Participant will be given complete access to videos, members and trainer to get their doubts resolved
  2. Next 15 days module – This enable you to spot the various technical pattern using charts
    • Technical pattern recognition with rationale
    • Reviewing other member technical spots.
  3. 5 more modules – This will make you an independent in recognizing the trading opportunities.
    • Stock Screening – Learn what to buy and when to buy it.
    • Tracking the stock market on day to day basis.

In the beginning it is natural to doubt yourself, but we will be here to support you all the way. You can get in touch with the trainer, who will help you get through this period. And once you have gained enough confidence, you will be able to thrive on your own.